Ratchet Podger Wrench

scaffolding clamp wrench/spanner

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  • Brand:    DONGQI TOOLS
  • Type:    RW100
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scaffolding clamp wrench,scaffolding clamp spanner

Length 310mm, Weigth 470g,


Ratchet handles are ergonomically designed and have an easy-to-use, thumb operated   reverseswitch mechanism.Use for bolt or nuts tighening or loosening.
All parts are heat treated, carbonized, quenched, and tempered to ensure long life.
Each wrench has 2 socket sizes with a one touch reversible ratchet action. 24 Tooth for 15 Degrees of access. Forged from high-quality steel.
Head hole is closed for maintaining smooth ratchet operation.
Handle drop forged from High quality Steel with dodecagon (twelve sided) socket for tight fits on bolts.
Pointed handle tip is useful to align holes, Tapered handle can be used to align holes before inserting bolts for steel erection or other field work.
Versatile use for various bolts tightening in erection of steel framemm, bridgemm, civil worksmm, buildingsmm, electrical and also machinery and jigs.

scaffolding clamp wrench/spannerscaffolding clamp wrench/spanner

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